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Bars & Restaurants

At Parknasilla Resort and Spa, we are passionate about creating exceptional dishes with fresh, Irish and locally produced ingredients.

For us it’s simple, enhancing the customer’s experience of our food whether they are eating al fresco on the terrace, having a casual lunch in the lounge or dining in our renowned Pygmalion Restaurant.

We have the privilege of a menu that is based upon freshly caught fish, prime local meats, and fresh vegetables that are grown under the care and loving attention of our gardeners in our very own walled garden.

The service we provide is part of the inheritance of Parknasilla. Our friendly and professional service has been passed down from generation to generation, the old teaching the new. It is these friendly smiles that make our customers feel welcome and comfortable and sets us apart from other hotels.

It is the core aspect of the hotel, without which there would be nothing.
We strive to surpass your expectations at Parknasilla Resort.