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Courtyard Lodges

Make yourself at home in our two bedroom/two bathroom lodges,
a pleasant three minute walk from the hotel.

Rooms & Suites

Each unique in style and design and affording you stunning views of the Kenmare Bay or the Kerry Mountains.

Woodland Villas

Spacious three bedroom houses located within the estate and a 10 minute walk from the hotel.

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The Shaw Lounge

Located beside the main door is The Shaw Lounge.  Named after the internationally renowned Irish playwright, George Bernard Shaw, the appeal of this Victorian style room is the sense that you have made a delightful discovery, even though it’s located just inside the hotel’s front door.

The floor-to-ceiling bay windows that flood the room with light make this the perfect place to read your morning newspaper.  From these windows, you are also given a full view of our charming terrace and the crimson rhododendrons on the other side of the glass make a lovely contrast to the cream-coloured shutters.

Let your imagination take hold as you admire the old-world décor in this lounge.  Antique furniture upholstered in monochrome tones of blues, mauve and sepia provides a soothing contrast to the pretty floral motif on the walls and carpet. 

The light from the crystal chandeliers is tinted by the reflection of the stained-glass window above the entrance, where a portable ladies’ writing desk and a small collection of musty books from the 1800s lie side by side with the daily papers.

Sitting over the fireplace is a bust of George Bernard Shaw himself, who was a regular visitor to Parknasilla.  It was here that he who wrote his play, ‘St. Joan,’ in 1925.  He would be happy to think that The Shaw Lounge was a place for our guests to come to write, to read, to relax or to enjoy the art of a lively conversation.

Centenary Lounge

If you need a little time away from the fun and frolics around you, then slip away to The Centenary Lounge for some quiet contemplation.  Built in honour of the hotel’s 100th anniversary, this space is as ‘off the beaten path’ as you will get in an intimate hotel like Parknasilla. 

Make your way up the grand staircase to the landing lined with literary portraits, past the row of chaise longues and you will find the little staircase leading to this quiet sanctuary.

This is a restful place and the décor’s monochrome colour scheme reflects this.  Cream-coloured panelling sweeps half way up the walls and is met by a matte, soft brown wallpaper with an embossed brown pattern that comes down in orderly pillars.  Simple, moss green armchairs, light brown couches and a grey-green carpet add to the cosy, relaxing and serene atmosphere.

The intricate detail is relegated to the pencil sketchings that adorn the walls and the paintings of random country scenes by Percy French take the décor’s undertones and draw them into tableaux of vivid colour.
The Centenary Lounge draws the deliberate guest, intent on simply enjoying the peace and quiet.  Here, you can forget the world outside for a while.  This is the perfect place to listen to spring showers, watch the sun set over Kenmare Bay in summer, witness the fall of leaves in autumn and in winter, curl up in front of the crackling fire and read your favourite book.